Our investment strategies are designed to exploit pockets of inefficiency, distress, illiquidity and structural complexity in the municipal and public purpose markets. With a total return orientation, we opportunistically invest across all market cycles in order to consistently deliver value to our investors.

Introduction to Fundamental Partners

Fundamental Partners (“FP”) is an opportunistic private investment strategy focused on special situations in the municipal market and public purpose assets. By targeting cash-flowing, asset-based investments, the strategy seeks to provide investors with downside protection, consistent current yield, and equity-like upside. To achieve its investment objective, Fundamental Partners makes control-oriented investments in stressed and distressed debt/assets, finances the development of public purpose or community assets and targets undervalued securities in the secondary market.

FP is led by Laurence Gottlieb, who has nearly 25 years of experience in revitalizing stressed and distressed municipal and public purpose assets.

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