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Government Employee
Government employees and officials of any level, around the world, whether executive, legislative, or judicial. Includes employment by federal, state, local, or foreign governments, including for example a central bank, FDIC, Federal Reserve, and New York State Banking Department, Ministry of Finance.

Employee of a Government-Owned or -Controlled Entity
Employees and officials of government and government-mandated pension plans and other similar entities or organizations established pursuant to government regulations. Employees of government-owned or -controlled enterprises (e.g., an airport authority or any public company in which the state has a controlling interest).

Employee of Multi- or Supra-National Governmental Entity
Examples include Word Bank, IMF and OPEC.

US Union Official
Any officer or employee of a US labor union, including any officer or employee of a labor union who is a trustee of a Taft-Hartley Plan.

Government Official, Candidate for Public Office, or Political Party Official
Political party officials or candidates for public office and, in all above cases, their staff members, close associates, and family members.

ERISA Fiduciary
Fiduciaries of ERISA plans, individual retirement accounts (IRAs) or certain other plans involving public employees. Persons who have discretion or provide investment advise regarding the investments of an ERISA plan or who select or influence the selection service providers of an ERISA plan are considered ERISA fiduciaries.

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